Gender Transition and Lawsuits

Over the course of the last couple of years, I, like you, have seen countless television commercials for law firms inviting viewers to engage in lawsuits for a variety of causes, many times because of exposure to contaminants at Camp LeJeune, or for illnesses like Mesothelioma. I’ve often times turned to my wife to tell her that we are not far from seeing the same kinds of ads pop up for those who were encouraged and perhaps forced into gender transitioning steps by parents, medical doctors, educators, and others. The reality is that several suits are now in progress, and there are law firms working to announce their willingness to represent detransitioners who want to sue those who lied about the dangers of these medical interventions. Parents, this reminds us of our need to not only advocate for our kids with sensibility, but to do so from a biblical perspective. At creation, God made two genders, and he has created all people to live into the gender that was given at conception.