Girls and Pornography

With the advent of the internet and online pornography, the male to female gap on pornography exposure and use has been closing. The latest research indicates that fifty-seven percent of females ages fourteen to eighteen have viewed pornography. Pornhub states that over one-third of their global viewership was female in 2022, which is an increase of fifty-one percent since 2014. A survey conducted by the she pornography support site for women offers up some sobering statistics on age of first exposure. Over eleven percent of the female respondents said they were first exposed to pornography at seven years old or younger, and forty-seven percent said their first exposure was between eight to twelve years old. By the time they were seventeen, over three-quarters had viewed pornography. We need to teach our kids to avoid the undoing that comes with viewing fallen expressions of God’s good gift of sex and sexuality. Parents, teach your kids from a young age.