Paul Tripp has said that the Bible’s four most important words about sex and gender are these from Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God. . .” This establishes God as the maker of all things, including sex and gender. He declared all things “good”, while establishing a purpose and plan for all things, including sex and gender. But very quickly, the first four words spoken by the enemy of God in Genesis 3:1 – “Did God really say. . . ?” – led our first parents into questioning God’s love and authority. They then chose to rebel against God by going their own way rather than His way. This choice to sin against God resulted in the corruption of God’s good creation, which immediately undid everything good. . . including sex and gender. Satan continues to undo God’s order and design through never-ending shouts and whispers to all of us, pointing us to choosing our plan for sex and gender rather than God’s plan, fueling our doubt of God’s Word by continually asking us, “Did God really say. . . ?”