Parents and youth workers, are you taking the time to teach kids God’s design for sexuality? Here are some suggestions on how to do this. Spend time reading and studying God’s Word, making note of passages dealing with sexuality that you can discuss with your kids. Be sure they know that the Bible affirms sex as a beautiful gift from God for one man and one woman to indulge within the context of a monogamous, committed, covenantal, life-long heterosexual marriage. Let them know that God created sex and gives it to married couples as a way to consummate their marriage, pleasurably enjoy themselves, show their love for one another, and have children. God’s Word is full of passages that will help you in your efforts to teach your children. Be sure to challenge and correct sexual misinformation when you encounter it in the world. Finally, think out loud with your kids about sexual rights and wrongs in order to equip them for a lifetime of thinking biblically for themselves.