How do we help our kids discern good from evil in a world where increasingly we see what used to be called vices embraced as virtues, and things that used to be virtues seen as vices? We are living in a world once described by cultural critic Gene Veith as a world where the only sin, is to believe in sin. As parents, we must begin by teaching our kids the truths of God’s Word. We must help them look carefully at God’s borders and boundaries for our lives so that they might live into worshiping and glorifying him by following his way and will for their lives. Second, we must teach them how culture twists our understanding of sin. In his book Knowing Sin, Mark Jones says this: “In our temptations, Satan wants us to call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). He clothes sin with the appearance of virtue. Greed is ‘saving,’ lust is ‘love,’ abortion is ‘self-care,’ drunkenness is ‘medication,’ and laziness is ‘rest.'” Let’s help our kids see all of life through the truth of God’s Word.