Parents, what will your children choose as a career? I remember wondering that about each of my four kids from the moment they were born. You have probably done the same. A new survey found that seventy-five percent of today’s parents say they already know what their child will be when they grow up. At the top of the list are careers in the science, technology, and engineering fields. After that comes careers in healthcare, and jobs in the food industry. It seems that these choices have been made largely due to trends in the job market, along with a desire for children to have a high-paying career. While it would be easy for Christian parents to pursue these same goals for our kids, there is a better way. Our goal should be to first and foremost encourage our kids to discover and develop their unique God-given gifts and abilities. Monetary success should not be a prime motivator. And then, we must teach them that whatever they do, they should do it to the glory of God.