Once again I want to issue a warning regarding our kids, loud noises, and the long-term damage that can be done to their hearing. Researchers now tell us that most teenagers are engaged in dangerous listening habits, with nearly half of our teens already showing potential signs of hearing loss. These signs include ringing, roaring, and buzzing in the ears, along with ear pain. One in six teens have symptoms often or all the time. Researchers have also warned us to take note of the risky habits that contribute to this problem. In fact, nearly nine out of ten teens are involved in some combination of listening to loud music with earphones, using lawn mowers and other loud tools, or are using noisy powered toys. Parents, our ears and our hearing are a gift from God. And not only can bad habits at a young age contribute to hearing loss, but hearing loss is a gateway to a host of other health issues. Get your kids to turn down the volume, to wear ear protection, and to avoid exposure to loud noises.