My friend Duffy Robbins offers some great advice for helping kids translate biblical truths into everyday life. Duffy says that a wise doctor spends focused effort on touching, testing, and probing to be certain she can offer a targeted prescription for her patient. The same holds true for those of us who are doctoring teens spiritually as parents, youthworkers, teachers, and pastors. Duffy says that when we explore biblical truths with our kids we want to probe in order to discover where their pain is, where they are feeling and living with guilt, and how the cure might best be applied in each of their lives. This type of approach reminds us how important it is to listen to our kids before we attempt to speak. When we take the time to listen first, we are more apt to communicate and prescribe helpful remedies that speak directly to their lives, hurts, and longings. This type of technique moves kids towards specific, personalized applications of God’s life-giving Word.