In today’s appearance-oriented world, chances are good that your kids won’t get the right body-image perspective anywhere but from you. Of course, gaining the right perspective begins by showering your kids with love and acceptance that isn’t conditional on what they look like. It continues by carefully watching what we say to them regarding their appearance. Have you ever caught yourself criticizing them about their weight, body shape, or complexion? Those words not only hurt, but they affirm the faulty notion that “I am what I look like.” In today’s world, these words are especially hurtful. Instead, we should take the time to teach about the inward qualities of Godliness, something that is most powerfully taught through our words and example. Be sure your example includes responsible stewardship and care of your own body. Be sure your example doesn’t include an unhealthy obsession over your own appearance. Prayerfully work to develop your own inward character in a godly direction.