Honoring Others on Social Media

In his wonderful and helpful new book, Reactivity: How the Gospel Transforms our Actions and Reactions, Paul Tripp offers up biblically-centered and faithful guidance on how to best glorify God as we navigate the world of social media. Tripp tells us that as God was creating the first person He uttered seven words that change everything you would otherwise think or know about people: “Let us make man in our image.” God said this so that we would forever acknowledge the distinctiveness and the superiority of human beings in His created order. Tripp tells us that we are to treat one another with the dignity God has placed on each one of us as his image bearers. Tripp recognizes the difficulty of doing this well in the world of social media, where people are non-physical, nameless, and faceless. Stay tuned as all this week we will look at Tripp’s recommendations for teaching ourselves and our kids to honor the image of God in others as we navigate social media.