How Can Our Homes Disciple Kids

Recently, our friends at Lifeway research offered some very helpful directives for those of us who desire to see our kids grow up to love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ. There are three factors in particular that parents must be aware of that research tells us are present in the homes of those who grow up to embrace a life of Christian discipleship. First, Dads need to be involved in the lives of their kids. Researchers found that the odds of a teen dropping out of church are one-point-two-seven times lower among those kids whose fathers attended church, compared to those whose fathers did not attend church when the teen was seventeen. Second, teens who embrace a life of discipleship grew up in families where their parents were active and involved in the church, and the kids came along. Finally, and not surprisingly, teens who regularly spend time reading and studying their Bibles are more likely to follow Jesus. Parents, make sure these habits are present in your home.