When I was a young adult, a friend got me thinking more deeply when he said this: “You tell me who or what you daydream about, and I’ll tell you who or what your god is.” I’ve also heard it said that how we spend our money reveals both our priorities and who we are. Consider as well what Jesus says in Matthew 6:21: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Looking at the way our kids spend their money reveals not only who they are, but who their gods are as well. The folks at Piper Sandler marketing tell us in their latest research that teen spending is up six percent since the spring of this year. Our boys spend the most on food, clothing, and video game systems in that order. For our girls its clothing, food, and personal care. We need to push back on the cultural narrative and teach our kids that our money and possessions belong to God. Our role is to steward those resources to His glory. How would our spending habits change if we believed that to be true?