How Many Sexes Did God Create?

I recently ran across a brand new tool that is especially helpful for teaching your children and teens about God’s good and glorious design for sexuality and gender. Written by Christopher Gordon, it’s the New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality. If you are unfamiliar with catechisms, a catechism is a summary of the principle of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers that’s used for instruction. And, in a world where our kids are being misled twenty-four seven, this new catechism serves to communicate the truths they need to hear in order to live into God’s good and glorious design. Consider this question and answer regarding the gender binary: How many sexes did God make at Creation? God made two sexes at creation; in the image of God he created them, make and female he created them. Parents, we must educate our kids properly, pointing them to God’s creational order and intent. And the place where we find this truth, is in the Bible!