Our kids are growing up in a world where it is believed that to love someone is to affirm them in whatever they desire or pursue. But this is not love at all. As Christians, Jesus tells us that we are to love one another as he has loved us. Parents, consider these words about this kind of love from Elisabeth Elliot: “The love of Jesus was unsentimental. As a man, he fully entered into the disciples’ experience of being men, with all the feelings that entails, yet His love for them was not a feeling. It was decisive, both as attitude and act. He honored their dignity as men by treating them with trust, speaking honestly and straightforwardly, never tiptoeing to spare their weaker feelings, never concealing his own thoughts. At times, he hurt them to serve them. There was no care for himself in that kind of love. He had the courage to face their anger and misunderstanding.” Parents, love your kids enough to tell them the truth!