One of the most disheartening realities regarding beliefs and behaviors in today’s youth culture is the way that the word love has been re-defined in ways that drain it of its power and meaning. As a parent, you need to be aware of this trend not only to better understand and correct your child’s thinking, but to shape the way that you love your children. You see, in today’s world, to love someone is often understood to mean that you allow them to make all choices for themselves while affirming the validity of those choices. To love someone in today’s world means that we let them choose the way for themselves. In the Scriptures, love is a commitment that works itself out in seeking the best for the other. When it comes to parenting, we love not by eliminating borders and boundaries, but by setting them up to keep our kids safe. Tim Keller tells us, “If we love someone, we must hate whatever is ruining their lives, even if it is their own choices. Because God is perfect love, he cannot abide evil and sin.”