Parents, how are your praying for your children? I have found great resources that teach me how to pray for my kids as I reach back into church history. Some of the written prayers of those who have gone before us are helpful as we pray for our kids to navigate today’s youth culture to the glory of God. Consider this prayer from Samuel Rutherford, written in 1637: “Let them beware of glassy and slippery youth, of foolish young notions, of worldly lusts, of deceivable gain, of wicked company, of cursing, lying, blaspheming and foolish talking. Let them be filled with the Spirit, acquaint themselves with daily praying, and with the storehouse of wisdom and comfort, the good word of God.” I love the rich passion with which Rutherford prays for the young. I would encourage you to follow his example and pray without ceasing for your kids, that they would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, that they would endeavor to follow him, and that they would glorify God in all things.