How to Pray Patiently for Your Kids

As Christian parents, we must embrace the need to pray for our kids. But what should our expectations be regarding how we pray for our kids? Theologian J.G. Vos offers these helpful words: “We should expect and believe that God will answer our prayers in his own appointed time and way according to his holy will. That is, in all our praying we must be careful to maintain an attitude of submission to the sovereignty of God. We may never presume to dictate to God as to when and how our prayers are to be answered. If God in his sovereignty chooses to delay the answer to our prayers, we are not to become discouraged and give up praying; we are to exercise Christian patience, and keep on praying with ‘perseverance, waiting upon him.’ If God does not answer our prayers in the way we desired, we should realize that this is not an unkindness or lack of love on God’s part, but because to grant our requests as we asked would not really be for God’s glory and our own good.”