In 1652, Thomas Brooks published an eye-opening book I’ve been working through for a couple of years. It’s titled Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. It’s been a very helpful read. Just like in sports, we must know our opponent and his strategies and tendencies.

In the book, Brooks describes how Satan destroys us by leading us into ignorance through the neglect of reading God’s Word. What results? Brooks’ writes, “Ignorance is the mother of mistake, the cause of trouble, error, and of terror; it is the highway to hell. and it makes a man both a prisoner and a slave to the devil at once.  A man without knowledge is as a workman without his hands, as a painter without his eyes, as a traveler without his legs, or as a ship without sails, or a bird without wings, or like a body without a soul.” Parents, we must be teaching our kids to engage in daily reading and study of God’s word. Pray that the Lord gives them an insatiable hunger for His Word.