I Love You Enough to Tell You the Truth

What are we to do if we have or know children and teens who are choosing to live outside of God’s good design for sex and gender? Sadly, in today’s world, many of us are afraid to love our kids enough to confront behavior that’s undoing them. But “I love you enough to tell you the truth” should be near the top of our list of parenting mantras and commitments. Yes, we have to have to show sensitivity, grace, and deep ongoing kindness to any kid who is grappling with any kind of broken desire or sinful behavior. There is no compromising on that fact. . . none whatsoever. But let’s remember that love is not the same thing as affirmation. Love looks out for the best and it communicates truths. . . sometimes hard truths. . . which need to be heard by someone who is way off-course and lost in sin. I need it. You need it. Our kids need it. And, in the context of sensitive, grace-filled, and kind relationships, truth can and will be heard. Let’s be parents who love our kids enough to tell them the truth.