I’ve learned over the years that it’s important to pay attention to youth culture stories that leave us scratching our heads while wondering what we’re reading is actually true. Knowing the emerging trends allows us to address them from a Christian perspective before they move into the mainstream. One of these stories I just encountered reports that a private school in Manhattan is making a deliberate effort to teach their students to use inclusive language as part of their mission of inclusivity. The Grace Church K to twelve School is encouraging students to stop using the terms Dad, mom, and parents because the words make assumptions about kids’ home lives. Among the Guidelines in the school’s inclusive language guide is this: If someone says a boy can’t marry a boy or a girl can’t marry a girl, you should respond with “People can love and commit to whomever they please. It’s their choice who they marry.” Parents, ideas and words matter. Be sure to teach your kids God’s good design for all things.