Recently, we expanded our social media presence here at CPYU by reviving our dormant Instagram account. While this has allowed us to communicate more effectively to a wider audience, it has also afforded us opportunities to see trends in the kinds of photos folks post on the Instagram social media platform. Not surprisingly, Instagram, like all other platforms, is a place where our kids fish for affirmation by posting photos of themselves that shout “Hey look at me!” These photos clearly intend to generate positive comments and likes. Sadly, if you spend any amount of time on Instagram you will see that a growing number of adults are doing the same thing. Among other things, we show off clothing styles, new haircuts, before and after weight loss pictures, and videos intended to brag up the fact that we exercise. All of it adds up to expose our insecurities. Let’s not forget what the Lord said to Samuel: People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.