While driving in my car recently I was listening to the local sports talk radio station out of Philadelphia. As a Philly native and longtime listener, I’m not all surprised by many of the outlandish and entertaining things I get to hear while listening. But I have been surprised by a commercial I’ve heard air several times over the last few weeks. The ad begins with a host of young and energetic voices all talking on top of each other. Then, this question is asked: “What do you want to be?” After hearing several responses, listeners are left hearing these words: “Whoever you want to be, it’s yours to make on Instagram.” What a shame! We should be longing for our kids to find their identity not in what works to draw attention and gain a following on social media, but as divine image-bearers made and loved by a God who desires to form them into conformity to Christ, rather than to the world. Let’s be diligent about teaching our kids God’s plan for their lives.