One of the cultural mantras you will hear in today’s world is this, “love is love.” In fact, you are likely to hear your kids use the love is love phrase as an expression of their beliefs regarding sexual and gender diversity. The urban dictionary defines the love is love phrase as meaning that the love expressed by an individual or couple is valid regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of their lover or partner. As Christian parents, we need to counter this misunderstanding of love by communicating what the bible says about love. The Bible teaches us that God is love. Rebecca McLaughlin writes, God gives us glimpses of his love through different kinds of relationships, including parent to child, husband to wife, and friend to friend. She continues, In the Bible, human marriage is a picture of Jesus’s relationship with his people. This is a faithful, exclusive, life-creating, never-ending love, and and it is a love across differences. Teach and model what it means to live into God’s design.