Is the Saturn App Safe?

One of my recurring nightmares about high school is that I arrive to school on the first day and can’t remember or find any of the classes that I’ve been scheduled for the year. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to have that nightmare if I had had the smartphone app known as Saturn that our kids are using these days. The Saturn app’s website says that it’s now live at sixteen thousand schools. It’s a calendar app that helps kids see their schedules, telling where to be and when to be there. It also helps them connect with classmates as they share their schedules. The site says, “High School runs on Saturn.” Now, law enforcement and concerned parents are speaking up to warn others that since the Saturn app shares lots of identifying information, including the daily whereabouts of students, many as young as twelve years old, that the app could become a playground for predators and for the distribution of harmful content. As school districts now are banning the app, parents should be aware.