Jojo Siwa is a seventeen-year-old who is having a deep and lasting impact on our kids. She first came to prominence back in 2013 when she appeared as a very young contestant on the reality show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. In 2015 her fame started to build when she was a regular on the reality TV series Dance Moms. She’s released several non-album singles that have charted, and won a host of Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, including Favorite Viral Music Star, Favorite Musical YouTube Creator, and Favorite Social Music Star. JoJo Siwa is an influencer, as evidenced by her over twelve million young youtube followers. It’s not surprising that she was named as one of Time magazine’s one hundred most influential people in 2020. So what’s the big deal? Back in January, she came out to her young fans, revealing she has a girlfriend. Parents, whoever speaks first to your kids about sexuality, defines their understanding of normal and right. Teach them God’s good design.