I recently read the results of a new survey on college students and mental health. According to the study, one-third of first-year college students have or develop moderate to severe anxiety or depression. This data affirms what we’ve known for some time, that is, that there’s been a deterioration of mental health in college students. Parents, we can’t wait until our kids get to college to help them deal with the issues that lead to anxiety. Rather, we need to be building a strong foundation in their lives now. . . a foundation built on the promises of God’s word. Christian counselor, Dr. Ed Welch, writes this to our teens: “God is with you, and He usually brings an army of angels with him. Since his presence is hard to see, God promises you that he is near. And he makes that promise to you again and again because you probably won’t believe him the first tens times. Parents, preach God’s promises from Scripture to your kids, including this: Do not be afraid, for I am with you.