“How’s the food?”, my parents asked in one of our first phone calls during my freshman year of college. My answer wasn’t at all about quality, as much as it was about quantity. “It’s amazing” I answered. “I can go back over and over again to eat as much as I want, and it’s all free!” If I remember correctly, my dad set me straight with a reminder that my college food was in fact being paid for. I’m assuming there were no parental admonishments to hold back since they knew that I was a growing boy. Fortunately for me, my high metabolism at the time and my almost daily exercise kept me from gaining too much weight. What about today’s college students? New research from the U.K. found that Ninety percent of college students are not meeting the recommended exercise targets, with three in ten not exercising at all. While exercise can become an idol, not enough compromises the stewardship of our God-given bodies. Teach your kids to worship God by maintaining their physical health.