As I’ve tried to personally navigate the Covid-nineteen pandemic, current racial tensions, and the insane back-and-forth that’s come with this election year, I’ve gotten to the point where I have no idea who or what to trust when it comes to engaging with the news. The term “Fake news” is one that we’re familiar with as we try to navigate the times. A new study has found that where people go to get their news determines their susceptibility to believing misinformation. The research found that those who get their news from social media were more likely to believe and embrace falsehoods about Covid-nineteen. While the study focused on fake news regarding the pandemic, it does shed light on the dangerous practice of going to social media and how that leads to the viral spreading of falsehoods. Twitter, facebook, and other social media outlets should not be trusted, even though they can communicate truth. Teach your kids to go to reliable sources rather than sources of misinformation.