One of our great spiritual forefathers, the reformer Martin Luther, stood up for truth and did so without regard to the cost it might bring. Luther knew that ultimate truth was found in God’s Word. Throughout history, followers of Jesus Christ have studied and followed God’s Word knowing that it is the only reliable guide for all matters of faith and life. In today’s world where our kids are led to believe that truth is up for grabs and even personally determined, parents need to teach their kids to study, trust, and follow God’s unchanging Word. Luther’s words regarding God’s word are good words for us to heed as parents. Luther writes, “No greater mischief can happen to a Christian people, than to have God’s word taken from them, or falsified, so that they no longer have it pure and clear.” Parents, since you are primarily responsible for the spiritual growth and nurture of you kids, don’t engage in the mischief of keeping your kids from hearing God’s life-giving Word.