Just about two years ago, I started hearing a ringing in one of my ears. It’s a hearing condition known as tinnitus. Journalist David Owen has released a new book that examines this condition and many other auditory issues, including the gradual loss of hearing, which are a result of living in a world that he describes as deafening. The book is titled Volume Control, and in it Owen says, “When we talk about age-related hearing loss, the assumption is that this is something that happens to old people.” He then continues with an insight that is especially helpful for those of us who are Christian parents concerned with stewarding the physical health of our kids. He writes, “It is something that happens to old people, but it’s something that is caused by things that we do when we’re young.” Parents, your kids are navigating much of life with headphones and earbuds. Teach your kids to turn it down now in order to facilitate their long-term auditory flourishing.