Parents, how much time and money did you give away last year? And what are you teaching your kids about tithing? In the Old Testament, we learn that God’s people were to give ten percent of their property, produce, and income to the Lord and his work. All throughout church history and up until today, tithing is rightly emphasized as a way to faithfully steward that which God has entrusted to us as we not only fund God’s work, but are reminded that all we have is ultimately not our own. There are no reliable statistics on how much our teenagers are giving away. What we do know is that as part of our responsibility to nurture the faith of our kids, we need to teach them to handle their resources responsibly. A good rule for us to follow and to teach our kids is the rule my dad instilled in our family. The first tenth of everything you make is to be given to the Lord’s work. If you can, give more. The second tenth goes into savings, and with the rest you live. Teach your kids principles of Biblical stewardship.