Just when we think we are making headway in the battle to keep kids from smoking, vaping, and getting addicted to Nicotine, a bevy of new nicotine products are becoming popular among our kids. A recent survey of three thousand teenagers in southern California has found that more and more teenagers are choosing to use lozenges, chewing gum, and flavored gummies that deliver nicotine to their systems. More than three percent of the students surveyed report that they have tried these oral products, and almost two percent said they had done so during the prior month. Teens are led to think these products are safer than smoking, since they are advertised and labeled as tobacco free. The draw might be related to the fact that these products are colorfully packaged and come in sugary fruit flavors. Parents, we need to warn our kids about the addictive nature of these new products, and teach them to make wise and Godly decisions regarding stewarding the health and well-being of their bodies.