In an effort to promote the athletic success of their kids, more and more parents are throwing caution and common-sense to the wind by not taking the necessary precautions that limit sports injuries. With the baseball playoffs now in full swing, we would be wise to consider the damage that can be done to the arms of young pitchers through overuse. Dr. Kevin Farmer, a sports med orthopedic surgeon at the University of Florida, says, “We’ve shown time and time again that kids who play more and throw more are at higher risk of injury.” Dr. Farmer warns about the dangers of high pitch counts and overuse of young arms. With more and more kids working to learn how to throw pitches other than fastballs, the mechanics needed to throw these pitches does damage to growing bones and muscles. A growing number of kids under the age of eighteen are requiring the radical step of Tommy John surgery to repair ligaments. Parents, lets use some common sense and keep our kids safe.