As technology has continued to fill our time more and more, there has been an upsurge in research which examines the effects of screen time on our children and teens. We should be rightly concerned and diligent in our efforts to know if what we allow our kids to do both in terms of time and content, contributes to their human flourishing, or undermines their human flourishing. Recent research from Canada indicates that preschoolers who engage with screens for two or more hours a day are five times more likely to exhibit major behavioral problems and seven times more likely to show signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  In fact, screen time was a greater risk factor for these issues than sleep, parenting stress, and socioeconomic status. Researchers also found that engaging in physical activity and getting enough sleep helped to buffer the effects of too much screen time. Parents, you are called by God to steward the health and development of your children. Use wisdom!