Kids and Work that Matters to God

In today’s world, one of the ways in which we divide people into groups and rate their value is according to their jobs. Parents, we have to teach our kids something different. I love these words of truth from Abraham Kuyper: “Preachers and plumbers aren’t any different. What God requires of them each is the same: not a dime’s less than everything. Missionaries are no more holy than factory workers or soccer players or the unemployed. Life, lived near unto God, is holy service. . . Whether you do art, bus tables, lay concrete, clean toilets, bring up kids, care for the elderly, perform brain surgery, pump gas, clean teeth, play football, or shine shoes – no matter what you do – do it to his honor and glory. After all, our life is a whole, the component parts of which – play, duty, leisure – must be wrapped in our love like a present, then laid at the feet of our God.” Parents, God has gifted your children in unique ways. Teach them to live into their gifts, that all work matters to God, and all work brings him glory!