Kids Who Regret What Their Parents Share Online

A recent article in Teen Vogue’s online magazine is titled “influencer parents and the kids who had their childhood made into content.” As the title indicates, the article talks about the parents who leveraged social media by putting everything about their children’s lives online for the world to see, not just photos of childhood achievements, but all the intimate details of their lives. This includes videos of them crying, to footage of them being disciplined. All of these have been shared like a young life is some kind of reality show, and it’s all been done without the child’s permission. Now, these children are coming of age and their digital footprint is not only there, but they are lamenting and even angry over what their parents have done to invade their privacy, while trying to gain an online following for themselves. Parents, while the temptations are surely real, maintain a Christ-like humility. Neither you or your kids need to be front and center on social media. Just endeavor to parent well.