What does it mean to be a Christian parent? One way to parent to the glory of God is to be prepared before any difficult parenting times visit your family. Here are some things to know to get you ready for those difficult times. Embrace a biblical theology of the sovereignty of God. Yes, God is in control of all things. Embrace a biblical theology of human depravity. Yes, all of us and all of our kids are fallen beings. Remember that in a sinful and fallen world there are no guarantees, even if we do everything just right. Our identity should not be rooted in our children and their performance. Our identity must be found in Christ. Anything else is idolatry. Our foundation must be God’s Word. When the difficult times hit, you will need to constantly remind yourself of the foundational truths of life. Remember that God is parenting and growing us as we parent our teens. And finally, realize that helpless is a good place to be. It drives us to God and away from ourselves.