Leading Kids to Service and Sacrifice

I recently read about Gary Haugen’s experience as a Christian called to respond to the horrible genocide in Rawanda. Haugen says, “When you are standing in a mass grave in Rawanda, the question that came to my mind was not the question that was coming to everyone else’s mind. I’ve had people ask me, where was God in the midst of all this? But I could sense, at least from Scripture and what I knew of my heavenly father, that I knew where God was: He was right in the midst of all that incredible suffering. The more relevant question for me was where are God’s people?” Today, Gary Haugen is sending God’s people to respond to the world’s great needs through the International Justice Mission. Haugen’s words should cause us to seriously evaluate what we’re doing to help our kids hear God’s call to a lifestyle of service and sacrifice. Are you pointing your kids to that high calling?