Due to the fact that online gaming is a relatively recent phenomenon, research into the effects of online gaming on children and teens is still in its infancy. But experts are now suggesting that anecdotal evidence points to a thirty to forty percent increase in cases of aggressive behavior by children addicted to online games. Granted, the evidence is purely anecdotal, but we shouldn’t dismiss it for that reason. Rather, we should sit up and take notice. Experts believe that the addictive nature of mobile-phone and computer screens feeds the pull into online gaming, and is gradually effecting not only cognitive abilities, but aggressive tendencies. Dr. Ameeta Watak says this: “Online gaming addiction has led to a lack of focus and concentration, which has further resulted in a huge upsurge of restlessness, leading to aggression and bullying among adolescents.” Parents, it’s not that online gaming is a bad thing. Rather, we need to limit time so that it does not become an idol that destroys our kids.