From time to time I share with you some of the cultural lies our children and teens are being encouraged to believe. One such lie is this: Life in this world is more important than the afterlife. Dr. Michael Kruger tells us that some in the church are now teaching kids to turn away from eternal matters to focus solely on earthly matters. We are told, “Don’t worry yourself with what happens after death. Nobody really knows anyway. All that really matters is helping the poor, feeding the hungry, and eliminating human suffering.” It is true, of course, that Jesus has instructed his followers to care for others. But we are not to address human suffering as an act of moralism. Rather, we do so in response to the grace show to us on the cross of Jesus Christ, a grace that rescues us from sin, and leaves us to live our lives to God’s glory in light of our eternal salvation. The now and the forever are not mutually exclusive according to the Scriptures. Teach your kids the truth about living to God’s glory!