Do you remember your first crush? I was thinking about my own middle school years when I recently heard a pop music star ruminate on how enjoyable those initial feelings of infatuation really are. For me, infatuation left me feeling like I had butterflies in my stomach. And even though I didn’t spend time talking to the object of my affections, I would catch a glimpse of her in the hallway and feel those emotions. Fortunately, getting older set me straight as I realized that those initial feelings of infatuation eventually wear off. Infatuation is not love. Rather, I learned that love is a decision and commitment that binds one to another, even when the positive feelings disappear. The Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation teach us that love is a commitment that might from time to time include some positive feelings. It’s no wonder that romance and commitment fizzle so quickly in today’s culture. What are you showing and telling kids about real love?