One of the accusations oftentimes made against Christians is that we are legalistic, judgmental, intolerant, and hateful. Truth be told, there are many times when we fail to be Christlike in our interactions with non-believers, and these criticisms are justified. As we raise our children to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we need to consciously steer them into discerning right from wrong in light of God’s Word, while also teaching them to love and care for people. We must teach them to remember that all human beings, regardless of how broken and sinful they might be, are divine image-bearers. They are not people to be hated, but sheep that are lost. Abraham Kuyper reminds us that “no matter how evil people become in life, they never lose something that is divine.” There is in all human beings an “eternal destiny planted in his or her soul.” We live in a world filled with opposition to God, to the Gospel, and to His people. Yet, we must love others as Jesus has loved us.