The Bible tells us that one of the evidences of the fact that we have been born again and are in Christ is love. Followers of Jesus are called to love each other because we’ve been loved by God. The great evidence of God’s love for us is that he sent his son as a sacrifice for our sin. In other words, God demonstrated his love for us with the death of his son Jesus on the cross. God’s love is a faithful, giving, self-sacrificing, and consistent love. In I John 4:7 we are called to “love one another,” a statement which is not a suggestion, but a command. Sadly, in today’s world the way we understand, live, and give “love” has become self-serving and self-seeking. Parents, is it the latter or former kind of love that you are living out in your home with your spouse and children? If our “love” is a “love” that seeks to satisfy itself, it is nothing but selfishness. Instead, love your children and spouse in a truly biblical manner, thereby fulfilling your calling to love as Jesus has loved.