Think about the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus told that story so that His followers would know that they should view anyone in need as a neighbor. He told about a Samaritan who gave everything in response to a wounded man’s need, and then instructed us to “go and do the same.” But here’s the rub for those of us who live in today’s world, including our kids. The message we’re encouraged to believe and follow is the exact opposite. Instead of looking out for others, we’re to look out for number one. In this kind of world, generosity decreases while selfishness increases. In this kind of world, there is a decline in civility. In this kind of world, our kids are encouraged to do anything and everything possible to get ahead of anyone and everyone else. We need to go against the flow of this selfish way of thinking and living. How? Carefully monitor your lifestyle, limit your consumption, increase your giving, get involved in justice issues. . . and encourage your kids to do the same.