Today we conclude our week-long look at Dr. Ted Tripps wonderful advice to parents regarding the common communication pitfalls that all too often characterize our communication with our teens. Dr. Tripp reminds us of a very helpful approach when he says that we should major on the majors, not the minors. Parents tend to focus on matters of taste and style. For example, teens want to dress in their own way. For the most part, we need to let them do that. And, we must carefully choose our battles. We need to focus on things that have moral significance, where Biblical truths are at stake. For example, many of us grew up in a day and age where we valued beards and long hair. Today it’s shaved heads and goatees. Is that an ethical or moral issue. No? Each generation wants to distinguish itself from the prior generation. Don’t get lost in debates over taste and style that don’t have long-term moral or ethical significance. Remember, major on the majors. Not the minors.