In recent years, we’ve all become aware of the short and long-term effects of athletes suffering concussions. I know. All four of our children were engaged in athletics, and each one has suffered at least one concussion. Now, a team of neurology specialists at Columbia University are telling us that there is a marked difference between the concussion rates of male and female athletes at the University. The team looked at the concussion rates of athletes from various sports between 2000 and 2014. They discovered that the concussion rates were fifty percent higher in women. Twenty three percent of the female athletes suffered concussions, compared to just fourteen percent for men. Other studies have confirmed these gender differences. Parents should take care to watch their sports-playing kids carefully. Learn the signs of concussions, and be sure that a medical professional takes the lead in post-concussion care. Parents, you are called to steward your children’s god-given bodies.