Here at CPYU, we are continually reminding you that youth culture is both a map and a mirror. As a mirror, cultural artifacts reveal the current beliefs that are shaping the behaviors of our children and teens. When you watch and listen to the music, movies, and everything else, you’ll gain a clearer sense of our culture’s ideological bent. As a map, what our kids interact with in today’s youth culture shapes their beliefs and behaviors about how to live in the world. This is why it’s important for you to know that this fall, Marvel will be introducing it’s first gay Spiderman as the latest variant in the Spiderman universe. Parents, as those called to nurture our children and teens into a lifetime of living out God’s will and way for his grand and glorious gift of sex and gender, we need to talk with our kids about how the cultural message on sex and gender does or does not mesh with what we are told in Scripture. These are conversations we must be having, as God will use them to shape our kids for life.