Here’s a funny little story that should remind us all to carefully monitor how and where our kids are spending their online time, regardless of their age! It seems that four-year-old Noah Bryant was spending not only time online, but he was spending money, all without his mother’s knowledge. Somehow, Noah, who is a fan of the cartoon character Sponge-Bob, got onto the Amazon website and ordered some Spongebob popsicles. The problem is that the total non-refundable price for his order was almost three thousand dollars. It seems that the little fellow somehow ordered fifty-one cases and a total of nine-hundred- and eighteen popsicles. A good Samaritan friend set up a go-fund-me page to help recoup the money, which was met and exceeded. When our kids engage with devices things like this can happen accidentally. Our watchful diligence is needed not only in cases like this one, but even moreso when our kids get older and are tempted to visit the darkside of the online world.