Navigating Culture’s New Realities

One measure of cultural change that’s been coming out annually since 1998 is the Beloit College Mindset List. The list tells us what has always been true or not true for incoming college freshman. Those born in 2005 comprise this year’s incoming class of 2027. For them, a cloned human being has always been a thing. The word “sexting” has always been a part of their vocabulary. Videos are not something you rent at a store. Rather, this year’s incoming class have only lived in a world where videos are something you upload to youtube. For them, HIV has always been more or less curable. Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies have always been the top-grossing film genres in a single year. And they are growing up in a world where they will always worry about getting a job in which they can be replaced by a bot. Parents, while the world is changing at breakneck speed, God’s Word remains unchanged. Help your kids see how God speaks to the pressures, issues, and changes they encounter in today’s youth culture.