Boise State University political science professor Scott Yenor wrote a powerful piece calling for a sexual counter-revolution in last November’s edition of First Things magazine. Yenor says that in the past, people believed that sexual modesty and chastity were virtues. Marriage was to be a monogamous and permanent relationship between a man and a woman. But as a result of the sexual revolution, this has changed. What Yenor calls followers of Christ to is what he calls a sexual counter-revolution. As I read Yenor’s article and recommendations I couldn’t help but think that this needs to begin in the home, with parents who diligently teach God’s will and way to even the youngest of their children. Yenor warns us that the continued spread of pornography and the advances being made in the development of sex robots should feed our urgency to educate our kids. Parents, push back on our culture’s promotion of cheap sex, with God’s good order and design.